Eric invents a yoghurt waistcoat

Eric saves the Universe (1st ever drawing)

Eric looses his marbles

Eric stuffs a hedgehog up the drain pipe

The rise and fall of the Roman Umpire (what a cricket match that was)

See I told you they'd go to the Pub

Eric knits a scarf using un-tamed lions

Eric hides a chieftain tank in the custard

Three foot of lead piping for £1.50

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ...not

Matinee showing of Richard the Turd

Eric and the under sea mission

Eric tries his hand at athletics

The old people of Penge

Eric's Brain Hurts

Eric embarks on the cruise of a life time

Learn with Eric: Lesson one

Eric visits the capitol in search of a brain massage

Eric meets Godzilla

Eric and the Haunted House

It's that thar Wombat critter as a Cowboy

Eric is stupid again

Eric the Magician

Eric and the Phsychiatrist

Eric encounters Red Indians in the wild west

It's about time he was put down

Eric does the Fish Fryers Dip

The night before Christmas

Eric at the wine tasting

It's 2.30 and Eric goes to the dentist

Two wongs make some rice

An audience with King Eric the Un-ethical

Spam and Eggs

Mozart takes a turn for the worse

Eric yodels in the custard

The Plastic Poo People of Pimlico

This week: Is very weak

The great fish fiasco

Oh dear not again

Nothing happens at all so Eric stays in bed

Jurrasic Wombats

Eric finds two toads in a windsock

Eric and the invaders from Mars

Eric boils some cabbage in his under pants

It's half past three when it's only two fifteen

Eric meets a Camel with the hump

Youv'e heard of Superman, well here is Sewerman




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