A Herd of Doughnuts attack the Vicar

A Llama Poo's in the Gravy

A Recipe for stuffed Aardvark

Don't ask just eat your cake

Eric liberates the bedroom furniture

Eric pretends to be a Crisp

The revenge of the gangster sheep

Tiddles trips on a tin of Terrapin Teeth

Eric is phlosophical (and hasn't washed for a week)

Eric shampoo's his Granny

Eric stuffs a Hedgehog up the drainpipe

The return of Turnip Dave

18th Birthday celebration issue

Any one for a game of underwater chess

Eric braves a deadly adventure in a parrallel universe

Eric fills his trousers with caterpillers

Eric braves a deadly adventure

Burt Badger sets fire to the bed

The mystery of the extra number 5

The mystery of the vanishing number 5

Eric Again (for a change)

Eric takes his annual swim

Is the same as next week

I wish I could find who writes this rubbish

Well I'm not sure really...O'Rielly

Advanced level French...NOT!!

Eric boils his bottom...in the fridge

Eric invents a yoghurt waistcoat

Eric is entered for Crufts

Eric looses his marbles

Eric discovers the meaning of yoghurt

The end of civilization as we know it

Christmas comes early for Furry Barry

It's January 32nd again

I give up .... see for yourselves

Eric saves the Universe (1st ever)

A confontation withTurnip Dave from Patagonia

The rise and fall of the Roman Umpire (what a game of cricket that was)

See I told you they'd go to the Pub

There's treacle in the airing cupboard again

Eric performs fugue and toccata on the lavatory seat

Eric is arrested by the Skid Mark Squad

Eric Knits a scarf using un-tamed lions

The fruit salad escapes up the drain pipe

This line moves downwards approximately 6 inches

Eric hides a chieftain tank in the custard

Eric dribbles in the Holly Hocks

Eric reads the news in Russian

Matinee showing of Richard the Turd

Eric's feet walk to John O'Groats without him

Eric's trousers need welding

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ...not

Eric befriends a prefabricated concrete coal bunker

Gone with the wind

Eric and the under sea mission

Eric tries his hand at athletics

Eric has a quick rub down with the sporting life

Eric meets `Roly Poly' the king of Mesopotamia


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