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Eric's Bedtime Story


Ricky was a big grey donkey who lived in a field just outside Basingstoke, how he laughed to see the childrens frightened faces when instead of eating the carrots they gave him, he bit off their fingers ! You see Ricky was a carnivorous donkey, his mother came from Blackpool pleasure beach and his father was a vampire bat from Transylvania.

One day Ricky was happily munching on the leg of a passing postman when he noticed someone had left the gate open at the end of his field, as he had already eaten one of his own legs, he hobbled slowly down the field to freedom. The small town near his field was totally unprepared for the mayhem that was to follow .................

(the following added by Tony Wiseman Oct 2010)

.......Ricky launched himself into the lanes of the Town, lurking in the dim orange glow of the street lights he closed the long coat he had grown in the fields hedge. He fumbled in the deep pockets, the items he had asked for came to his hoof tips, he was ready ........

(The following was added by Nicole Field Jan 2011)

........Ricky wandered round the dark and dingy town,totally prepared for any child,man or woman that were walking in the dark.Suddenly, Ricky heard something in the near distance, the thing came out of the dark, it was a BIG, MUSCLEY HAIRY BADGER!!!!. The Badger walked up to Ricky and said "you don't belong here." So Ricky hit him over the head with his mysterious object, a baseball bat (but not so mysterious now that I have told you) so out came two very sweet little Badger Scouts ..Caitlin Cheeseman and Nicole Field and they .....................



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